Turtleneck® Straw 可調彎度不銹鋼飲管x4支 連清洗刷 Flexible drinking straw made of stainless steel, Basic 22 cm



中號 Turtleneck® 吸管 22 厘米,是任何普通水杯的理想吸管替代品。 您可以用它來享用咖啡、拿鐵或茶等熱飲以及清涼雞尾酒、冰沙和軟飲料。 補充筆記: 可彎曲 可重複使用的 別緻的設計 可用洗碗機清洗 防碎 衛生認證 我們的食品安全和洗碗機安全吸管由不銹鋼製成,具有材料質量密封 DIN 1.4301,目前有銀色。 Turtleneck ® 吸管可輕鬆放入洗碗機的餐具籃中清洗。 清潔的簡易性以及化學和機械安全性已經過獨立測試機構 Intertek® 的測試。 如果您沒有洗碗機,每套吸管都會附帶一個清潔刷,用它可以輕鬆清潔我們的可重複使用的吸管,不會留下任何殘留物。 Medium-sized Turtleneck® Straw in 22 cm, it is the ideal straw alternative for any normal drinking glass. You can use it to enjoy warm drinks such as coffee, latte or tea and cool cocktails, smoothies and soft drinks. Additional Notes: Bendable reusable Chic design Dishwasher safe Shatterproof Hygienically certified Our food-safe and dishwasher-safe drinking straw made of stainless steel with the material quality seal DIN 1.4301 is currently available in silver color. The Turtleneck ® Straw is easy to clean in the cutlery basket of the dishwasher. The ease of cleaning as well as chemical and mechanical safety has been tested by the independent testing agency Intertek ® . If you don't have a dishwasher, you will receive a cleaning brush with each drinking straw set, with which our reusable drinking straw can be easily cleaned without leaving any residue.