TRAMONTINA POLYWOOD系列麵包刀 (7吋) - 紅色 | 7" BREAD KNIFE REDPOLYWOOD HANDLE IN BLISTER PACKING 巴西製造|專業鋸扒|加工木手柄|耐用不爆列|made in Brazil|Polywood Handle|durable



Polywood 是由Tramontina (巴西) 專產生產耐高溫、防震和防腐的堅固木材。Polywood 生產線持有五年的品質保養。產品以紅色、啡色和自然色為主。另外也可以生產巨型的樣版(更大的手柄和刀片寬度),以滿足真正的牛排愛好者的需求。 巴西製造 由於回火過程,令到刀片鋒利度更耐久 耐用處理木柄 耐衝擊和耐高溫 持久的光澤 能安心使用洗碗機快速清潔 Polywood is cure wood manufactured exclusively by Tramontina Brazil resistant to high temperatures, shock as well as being dishwasher safe. The Polywood line holds a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Available in red, brown, and natural color. Also available in jumbo model (bigger size handle and blade width) in order to fulfill the demand of true steak lovers. Made in Brazil Longer durability of the blade sharp due to the tempering process Durable treated wood handle Impact and high temperature resistant Long-lasting shine Dishwasher safe