TRAMONTINA CHURRASCO EXTREME 5” 鍛造大牛扒刀 | CHURRASCO EXTREME 5” JUMBO STEAK KNIFE 巴西製造|鍛造不銹鋼 - 木製手柄抵抗時間和水分|made in Brazil|Forged stainless steel blades|wooden handle that resist time and moisture

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鍛造不銹鋼刀片 Polywood 處理的手柄 重量 70克 長度 232 毫米 寬 28 毫米 高度 15 毫米 Tramontina的Churrasco系列引起更多烤肉的香氣和誘惑。其實用性和舒適感有助於在周未與家人和朋友一起的難忘時刻。讓燒烤的過程裡完美地進行。 Polywood 是由Tramontina (巴西) 專產生產耐高溫、防震和防腐的堅固木材。 Forged stainless steel blade. Polywood treated handle. Weight 0,07 kg Length 232 mm Width 28 mm Height 15 mm The aroma and flavor of roasting meat are even more inviting with Tramontina’s Churrasco line. Prep and serve with practicality and comfort to impress your family and friends at the most delicious moment of the weekend. Doing beautifully well when in charge of the barbecue grill. Polywood is cure wood manufactured exclusively by Tramontina Brazil resistant to high temperatures, shock as well as being dishwasher safe.