Ø 24.5 x H9.5cm (Ø9.5" x H3.75) Sweet Magic 系列焗盤由鑄鋁製造,讓蛋糕製作可以有更多創意發揮。鑄鋁物料令焗盤造型更為細緻優雅,用家可以製作出專業水準的蛋糕。Sweet Magic 焗盤用上兩層塗層,使焗盤更為耐用。 由I.F.S.E(最具創新意大利高級烹飪和糕點學校)糕點廚師測試和推薦。 適合不同類型的麵團 • 麵團裝牛油; • 液體混合物; • 發酵混合物; • 柔軟的麵團。 優秀的不黏性優異的不黏性,可以簡單地製作出出色的效果。用油、牛油或人造牛油均勻塗抹在模具內部,這樣出品就會完美無缺。 烘烤類型  • 適用於靜態烤箱; • 適用於通風烤箱;  • 適用於燃氣烤箱。 出色的不黏性 優異的不黏性保證了出色的脫模效果。 * 鑄鋁焗盤款由意大利Guardini設計及監督,由中國製造。Food Grade 及PFOA Free 材質,付合歐盟標準 The Sweet Magic range is composed by oven molds made of cast aluminum, for the realization of creative cakes. The elegant shapes allow you to make homemade or professional cakes, with guaranteed results. This elegance is combined with high-quality non-stick performance and resistance to scratches and use, thanks to the 2 layers of the non-stick coating. Tested and recommended by the I.F.S.E. Pastry Chefs, the most innovative Italian school of haute cuisine and pastry. SUITABLE FOR DIFFERENT TYPES OF DOUGH • Dough mounted with butter; • liquid mixture; • leavened mixture; • soft dough EXCELLENT NON-STICK Excellent non-stick that guarantees excellent results with minimum effort. Always grease the inside of the mold with a uniform veil of oil, butter, or margarine so that the inlets will be perfect. BAKING TYPE • Suitable for the static oven; • suitable for the ventilated oven; • suitable for the gas oven EXCELLENT DEMOULDING The excellent non-stick guarantees excellent demoulding for effective presentations.

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