GUARDINI 脫底餡餅焗盤 - 28CM | LOSS BASE FLAN TIN - 28CM | 意大利製造 | 耐熱至 230˚C (不含PFOA/BPA) | made in Italy | heat resistance 230˚C (PFOA/BPA Free)



意大利製造 最高承受溫度︰230°C 所有產品通過歐盟最高測試合格 不含PFOA致癌物質 可少油 容易清潔 食物不會粘著餅盤 Guardini是在意大利和生產焙烤食品的歐洲領導人之間有不粘塗層的市場領導者,特別是,鋼模具。從小型公司過去到今天的產業現實,Guardini是創意,技術和質量,並在世界各地出口的所有意大利傳統的味道。 我們的世界是烤箱,我們希望通過提供你的食譜中的烤箱熟的巨大成功很多工具,成為在廚房裡你的盟友: - 托盤和麵包店鋼模與不粘塗層 - 鉑矽烘焙模具 - 在燒製過的陶瓷菜 - 塑料模具甜點 - 切餅乾等糕點配件 Guardini:發現的形式,色彩和材料的世界。" Made in Italy Temperature max : 230°C Tested and approved by certified test institutes No PFOA Allow cooking with less fat Easy to clean The food does not stick to the molds Guardini is the market leader in Italy and among the protagonists in Europe in the production of bakery products and, in particular, of stainless steel molds with non-stick coating. From the small craftsmanship of today's industrial reality, Guardini is creative, technology and quality and exports the taste of Italian tradition all over the world. Our world is the furnace and we want to become your ally in the kitchen, offering you many tools for the great success of your recipes to bake in the oven.